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THEY OFFERED $25,000.00

The plaintiff, a 53 year-old laborer, injured his spinal cord when a delivery van backed up into him. During the weeklong trial, Wolfe proved that the impact caused by the inattentive van operator exacerbated a pre-existing herniated disc necessitating spinal surgery.

JURY VERDICT $1,750,000.00

In 2011, Wolfe obtained a stunning $1,750,000.00 million compensatory damages verdict in a Philadelphia auto negligence case.


The defendant denied that his was at fault, instead claiming that the Plaintiff had entered the intersection without the right of way…claiming that he did not see the Plaintiff until just before the impact. Wolfe was able to prove through a video presentation that the Defendant was not paying attention to the roadway.


In 2009, Wolfe obtained a $350,000.00 binding arbitration award on behalf of a bicyclist who was struck by a pick-up truck.


Defective lawn mower. Wolfe was able to prove that the mower should have been equipped with a dead man’s switch that would have stopped the machine when the Plaintiff let go of the handle.


In 2007, Wolfe, obtained a $900,000.00 binding arbitration award on behalf of a landscaper who suffered a fractured knee cap (patella) as a result of a defective lawn mower.


The damages were assessed at $1,400,000 less a finding of 40% comparative negligence. The receiver at the Defendant, Supermarket, failed to follow Supermarket policies and procedures which were intended for the safety of delivery persons such as Plaintiffs. The failure to provide a clear path for the Plaintiff’s delivery cart ultimately caused a case of soda to fall off of the cart and onto Plaintiff’s knee. The Defendant filed an Appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Wolfe briefed and argued the case to its successful conclusion.

JURY VERDICT $900,000.00

In 2007, Wolfe obtained a $900,000.00 verdict inclusive of delay damages on behalf of a soda delivery person who suffered a knee injury as a result of an improperly maintained and supervised delivery area.

THEY OFFERED $10,000.00

Gentleman who sustained two disc bulges that necessitated two months of physical therapy.

JURY VERDICT $98,000.00

In 2013, Wolfe obtained a $98,000.00 verdict inclusive of delay damages in Bucks County.


Gentleman who suffered a herniated disc in his neck that necessitated spinal surgery.

SETTLEMENT $1,250,000.00

In 2011, Wolfe, obtained a $1,250,000.00 million settlement in an auto negligence case.


Man who suffered electrical burns, and musculoskeletal injuries after falling off of a scaffold.

JUDGMENT $2,700,000.00

In 2010, Wolfe obtained a $2,700,000.00, judgment on behalf of an apprentice mason.

THEY OFFERED $25,000.00

Patient dropped off of procedure.


In 2014, Wolfe obtained an arbitration award in the amount of $416,000.00 for an individual who suffered an exacerbation of degenerative joint disease and other associated soft tissue trauma.


Victim of an assault and battery who suffered a closed head injury.

JUDGMENT $5,000,000.00

In 2006, Wolfe worked as co-counsel where he obtained a $5,000,000.00 million dollar judgment for the victim of an assault and battery who suffered a closed head injury.