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Any work accident that will lay you up for a significant period of time is a major concern. Inability to earn wages for weeks, months or longer is a devastating prospect for your entire family. Workers’ compensation benefits may be your lifeline in this traumatic time, and the attorney you choose to represent you is critical.

At TabakinWolfe, LLP, your specific case matters. We will help you cut through the complexity of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system and work relentlessly to help you get all the benefits you deserve. We are also adept at determining whether a personal injury lawsuit against someone other than your employer is a justified, viable step.

Complete Counsel And Representation For Injured Pennsylvania Employees

We will welcome your call at any point in the process, whether you are seeking information about reporting your job injury or representation after a workers’ compensation claim denial. You do not have to be concerned about the upfront cost of hiring a workers’ comp attorney because we represent clients on a contingency basis.

You can count on reliable answers to your questions about medical care under workers’ compensation, wage replacement benefits and other essential issues. If the insurance company offers a lump sum benefits settlement, we will evaluate that offer and strive to protect your long-term interests. Our Plymouth Meeting area workers’ compensation lawyers’ successful experience extends to numerous cases of permanent and total disability and across the spectrum of accidents and injuries such as:

  • Heavy machinery accidents in factories, warehouses, repair shops and other industrial settings
  • Other types of manufacturing and warehouse accidents, such as back and neck injuries from lifting or twisting and vision or hearing loss
  • Construction accidents of all types, including falls from ladders, scaffolding and roofs; impact from debris and dropped loads; injuries caused by equipment malfunction or misuse; and more
  • On-the-job vehicle accidents, including truck accidents and car wrecks while traveling for work

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Our legal team has helped thousands of people recover financially and personally from work injuries. For a free consultation with an attorney ready for negotiations, hearings or trial to get what you deserve, contact us anytime.

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