Reporting A Job Injury In Pennsylvania

If you were injured while performing your work duties, it is extremely important to report that injury to your employer. You should do this as soon as possible, whether you believe your injuries are severe or manageable and regardless of how the accident happened. Making sure you know the names of any witnesses is also important. However, these are not the only steps that may be crucial for protecting your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Get Informed Legal Counsel As Soon As Possible After A Work Accident

At TabakinWolfe, LLP, we don’t want you to wait to call us until something bad has happened with your workers’ compensation claim. Dealing with your employer’s insurance company on your own could be a mistake you seriously regret. One of our experienced attorneys will offer clear guidance right away to help prevent that — and this advice will cost you nothing at all.

Too often, people suffer back and neck injuries, shoulder injuries, twisted knees and other types of injuries and hesitate to report them. Many worry about being held at fault for the accident — and that they may lose their jobs because of it. Others believe they will recover quickly or can work through the pain, only to find that the damage is much more serious.

While all these concerns are all understandable, it is important to realize that:

  • In the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims, fault has no bearing on the victim’s right to benefits.
  • You cannot be lawfully fired for reporting a work injury or filing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania.
  • Your access to quality medical treatment, checks that partially replace your lost wages and other benefits could be put at risk if you do not promptly report your injury.
  • The best way to ensure you follow procedures correctly and receive all the benefits you deserve is to get in touch with our attorneys as soon as you can.

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